SoftwareCube understands the value of personnel with a background, training, and experience in the areas of information technology. The state of the information technology workforce affects us, the organizations with which we associate, and the welfare of information technology(IT). We see the deficit in the IT community and at the same time see the opportunity for many unskilled young adults around us. To promote a viable IT workforce, it is necessary to cultivate, train, and promote the opportunities of the people who comprise this resource. Recruiting these resources off-shore, while at the same time ignoring the opportunity of the untapped unskilled young adult resources within the US, creates negative business and consumer situations and endangers the economic security of both the businesses and our country. In light of this, SoftwareCube has initiated the creation of the non-profit corporate component called GeekGrads. This group has the goal of encouraging the growth of technologically minded citizens with emphasis on at-risk young adults who otherwise might not pursue a career in information technology.


GeekGrads promotes the cultivation of information technology education with a focus on mentoring at-risk young adults who might not otherwise have an opportunity to acquire the skills needed for use in information technology disciplines. We deem it important to develop these individuals, so as to show that there are opportunities for a base of IT minds in the US who can discover the concepts and serve the IT industry.


GeekGrads will find students, with the guidance and assistance of non-profit young adult organizations, educators, parents, and businesses. We will seek students who show a propensity for IT. Candidates will be provide assistance with hardware and software, and instruction on IT concepts. Students will attain a professional level of skill, and enter an appropriate apprentice program in cooperation with business, and will receive hands on work to the benefit of the grad and the business. GeekGrads will grow the IT professional community, in cooperation with the business and the educational community.

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As a sponsor you can assist in the development of the next generation of IT professionals from America's untapped resources. You can gain a motivated resource while at the same time encouraging the growth of a young mind, and unlocking a stifled opportunity. See how you can take part in this WIN...WIN adventure.

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Being a geekGrad can change your life. You will be trained on the latest technologies and concepts in use today from professionals in the field, and enter an apprenticeship. With this self-paced training program you can move as fast as you want. Most importantly, you will enter an exciting and rewarding career.

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In the 1990's the IT industry saw an explosive demand for skilled IT personnel.

Like any craftsman the skill level is directly proportional to the training and time devoted to the craft. Businesses and educational institutions have not been adequately prepared (training of personnel for businesses and proper educational course work by colleges and universities), and to this day continue to suffer regarding the availability of skilled IT personnel. Indifference to this situation remains rampant as shown in some of the solutions being adopted to address the problem, and the lack of results.

Historically, as the shortage and costs of acquiring these resources increased, industry started to seek resources from outside the country, hoping to realize a reduction in costs. The temporary artificial shifting of resource-origin to overseas, and subsequent reduction in valuation of the skills will only make the desirability of the IT trade less attractive to the current and future IT personnel, and consequently exacerbate the shortage. Over the long term the need for IT personnel in the US and world-wide will continue to drive up the need and the costs. The future demand by companies for IT resources will increase but they will have little or no control over the IT personnel market since it is primarily out-sourced. Secondarily, and of more immediate importance is the shadow of proprietary information protection.

This issue will continue to cost organizations significantly given the exposure to the unknown and uncontrollable forces of foreign governments, businesses, and personnel.